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The Gülen Movement in Germany and France

Despite the large Turkish population in Western Europe, the movement took hold relatively late from other Islamic organizations and they have been present in Europe since almost 10 years. After a research on Fethullah Gülen’s old sermon records, we learned that Fethullah Gülen frequently visited some French and German cities at the end of 1980s. […]
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Rumi and Gülen’s Main Message and Acceptance of the Other

Social and political conjuncture was very turbulent when Rumi emerged. It was a period in which so many conflicts and disorders were being experienced one after the other. There was first a great deal of dissidence and anarchy as a result of the marginal Babai movement. People were also fed up with the continuous assaults, pillage and invasions of the Mongols and Crusaders.
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Prof. Ali Kazancigil on the Rift between Erdogan and Gulen

France24 TV has interviewed Ali Kazancigil, Political scientist and Turkey specialist, on the rift between Turkish political leader Tayyip Erdogan and religious inspirer Fethullah Gulen.
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