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Women in Islam: Muslim Perspectives and Fethullah Gulen

This article argues that one does not necessarily need to fully accept or reject either the conservative arguments or the modernist/feminist conceptions. The Islamic tradition and modern concepts are not mutually exclusive, as the Islamic tradition, on the one hand, is flexible enough to open new venues for modern ways of life, and modernity, on […]
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Islam and Terrorism

Q: In our modern day, the relationship between Islam and terrorism is greatly debated. Can terrorism be considered a way of struggle for freedom? What is the Islamic alternative to terrorism and struggle? Fethullah Gulen: As I said in an interview with Nuriye Akman for Daily Zaman, today, at best we can say that Islam […]
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Good Nature (Khuluq)

Good nature, in addition to meaning temperament, disposition, and character, is a goal to which a traveler aspires, for it is the most important dimension of creation. In brief, this station means that one is characterized (equipped) with God’s qualities or way of acting. For example, God is All-Forgiving; therefore, one must be forgiving. One […]
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Women and Women’s Rights

What are your thoughts about women’s rights? This is a very comprehensive subject. From one perspective it’s open to debate. It’s very difficult for me to summarize my thoughts on this kind of platform. In one sense we don’t separate men and women. In one sense there are physical and psychological differences. In my opinion, […]

Human Rights in Islam

Islam is balanced, broad, and universal on the subject of human rights. Except for those who strive to tear down the state or the legitimate administration, or who have willingly taken someone’s life, the Qur’an teaches us that to take the life of a person unjustly is a crime against the whole of humanity (Al-Ma’ida […]
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