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Ruth Woodhall’s Review on The Statue of Our Souls: Revival in Islamic Thought and Activism

Those who have followed Gülen’s world of ideas closely will see that what he wrote or preached 15-20 years ago and the ideas he puts forward today are in no way different nor do they conflict in essence; on the contrary, all of his works and speeches interpret one another and gradually lead toward a […]
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Michael Starzinski’s Review on Pearls of Wisdom

This work by M. Fethullah Gülen is a continuation of a long tradition of books and articles promoting the cause of serving society through the advancement of universal education. Fethullah Gülen is a widely known and respected Turkish scholar, religious leader, educator, and social reformer, whose values stem from his Islamic faith, and whose overriding […]
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Jay Willoughby’s Review on Essentials of the Islamic Faith

The author, one of Turkey’s most respected Islamic scholars, discusses Islam’s core beliefs. After giving brief summaries of traditional arguments for God’s Existence and Unity, Gülen analyzes modern theories related to nature, natural laws, and causes, as well as matter and chance. Supporting his arguments with accounts of scientific experiments, he also appeals to common […]
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Dr. Vitaliy Sheremet’s Review On the Messenger of God

This introduction by me as a professor of Oriental studies might be seen as an incentive to attract attention, but I hope that the reader will welcome this book by Muhammed Fethullah Gülen from the very first pages. Fethullah Gülen is affectionately and respectfully called “Hodjaefendi” in the Muslim world. In the rest of the […]
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