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Gulenmovement.Com was launched and has been maintained by a group of volunteers in order to introduce and present Fethullah Gulen and the movement inspired by his thinking, writings, and actions from an academic perspective.

Scholars and other experts have been studying Mr. Gulen and the Gulen movement intensively since 2000s as the activities of the movement in education, dialogue and poverty eradication have become global phenomena.

This website offers, mainly, summaries from studies by academics and experts. It also has articles and excerpts [of articles] written by Mr. Fethullah Gulen himself.

Brief information is provided on “Fethullah Gulen” and “Gulen Movement” through two sections in menus. Each menu item has 8 subsections thatbriefly describe the main characteristics of Mr. Gulen and the movement.

“Articles” section has nine categories. These categories provide the best and most useful information to those who wish to study, and learn more about Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen movement, and read the relevant academic literature.

In addition to the categories, “tags” at the end of each article also help the reader to reach the information desired quickly.

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