Key Factors Behind the Success of Gülen-Inspired Schools

Key Factors Behind the Success of Gülen-Inspired Schools

Ahmet Orhan Polat

Fethullah Gülen is an innovative Islamic scholar and educator who encouraged education as the path to building a peaceful future. In light of Gülen’s philosophy, the fruits of this educational investment are seen around the globe as these schools distinguish themselves in acquiring academic excellence and moral values in home and host countries. The Gülen-inspired schools, both in their originating country Turkey and abroad, have attracted the attention of scholars due to their continuous academic accomplishments and emphasis on universal ethical values. The provision of quality educational service is evident not only in less developed countries, but also in advanced economies which have an internationally comparable advantage in supplying high standards of education.

Gülen emphasises both academic and value matters as a “school must be as perfect as possible” through teaching modern sciences and by imparting universal ethical values. He believes that through a new style of education which merges modern knowledge with tradition, mind with heart, the world will able to combat the problems not only in political, economic or material aspects, but also in social, ethical and spiritual realms. Gülen-inspired schools provide a unique case in this regard, by opening schools that emphasise sound education. The success of the schools inspired by Gülen’s philosophy is renowned worldwide, and has been recognised and acknowledged by scholars, journalists, intellectuals and government authorities.

The key reasons behind the success of Gülen-inspired schools is the unique and unprecedented educational philosophy of Fethullah Gulen which is followed by the unparalleled and devoted teachers who sacrifice their time and efforts to realise Gülen’s philosophy, and hence strive for academic perfection while imparting moral values to the students. This paper has also investigated other factors that contribute to the success of the schools in offering a quality education to ethnically and religiously diverse students. It is believed that graduates of these schools are equipped with academic standards and moral values that will contribute positively to their society and to humanity in general.


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