Hizmet efforts to relieve the suffering worldwide represent Islamic values and ideals in action

Kenneth Hunter: The eradication of poverty, which is something I’ve come to know in the Hizmet Movement, and Kimse Yok Mu, where, Kimse Yok Mu is a movement that says “is there anybody out there?” I believe that’s the translation of it in Turkish, it’s about coming out and moving people into situations where they can help to eradicate poverty.

Dr. Brian Desbiens: I find it remarkable that the belief is that there, we have a commitment to try to make a difference for people who have a need, especially at a time when, in emergencies, when people are so vulnerable to, whether it’s earthquakes, you know, or whether it’s tsunamis, or whether, whatever that tragedy is, that the Movement would see them having a purpose, of reaching out. And not make a difference between Christian and Muslim.

Assoc. Prof. Scott Alexander: These efforts to relieve the suffering of human beings, in Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries, are a key witness to the world of what the Quran actually teaches. There are so many distortions, particularly in the West, in the minds many people, about what Islamic values and ideals really are. If you look at Hizmet, and particularly at its commitment to relieving the suffering of the oppressed, you see Islamic values and ideals in action.

Prof. Monserrat Washburn: If there is a calamity, a situation, a dire situation in any country, the Hizmet Movement is there. And the Hizmet Movement, I think, wants to, wants people to know that this is one thing that’s different with them. They are not in isolation. They are not just in Turkey. They want
he world to know that wherever they are, they will help.

Assoc. Prof. James Frankel: I was very impressed, once again, that, although this is a Turkish organization, it’s based in Turkey, in an Islamic country, they were one of the first responders to the crisis after the earthquake in Haiti. They were inspired by the earthquake in Turkey, but they were able to take this experience and transfer it to a completely different environment in the Caribbean with the Haitian crisis.

Maine State Senator Roger Katz: I was also very impressed with Mr. Gülen’s philosophy that it’s not just helping thosein your own neighborhood, but it’s reaching out to Africa, it’s reaching out to Asia, it’s reaching out to America, to wherever there might be a problem. And I saw some real models of good philanthropy.

Salma Ahmed: And one specific situation was the flooding in Pakistan. And I wasn’t there, but our family has told us that Turkish people were there. And only Hizmet Movement can do that. So I’m not talking about globally. Within Turkey itself, I saw, first-hand, what they do. So this is the one that impresses. Service to humanity.

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