Hizmet combines globalization with local needs; Gülen understands the globalizing world very well

He stands for realism, for an understanding of the world as he is going forward, as he understands what it means, globalizing world, he understand that very well. He understands very well which are the mechanisms of emancipation, education, and also the media. So, and he understands very well that in our kind of world, interreligious dialog will be of maximum importance.

You see, the people in local places try to translate to us, Hocaefendi is saying, and they translate it in the terms and the needs and in priorities of the place where they live. And that’s what you may call a glocal, that’s a combination of globalization with local interest, local setting, and that’s what’s happening, and that’s interesting.

I think a normal result will be that Hizmet outside Turkey will, I think, increase. Will win an importance, so that’s what they expect, personally. Hizmet in Turkey will have it more difficult, though I say to them, “courage, forza.” Outside Turkey it will, for me, the center will go more to Hizmet in Europe, I think, and to the US, and what I expect, and I can only say, continue the way you are working. And you will see it. You will succeed. Okay, there will be some problems, I guess. For some entrepreneurs maybe, who have transnational contacts in Turkey, I guess. Yes? Maybe in some African countries, some leadership that is more, that is to say, influenced by money coming from Turkey and can be put under pressure. Maybe there will be some impact there, but honestly, in Europe, I think you have only to continue.

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