What does Fethullah Gülen own? How does he support himself financially?

What does Fethullah Gülen own? How does he support himself financially?

Fethullah Gülen is quite often asked these questions. He has made the following explanation:

“My friends send me a certain amount of royalties from the books that I have written. I pay rent for the place that I am living in with that. They call the place I live a ‘farm.’ I feel the necessity to clarify this. Our friends bought this land which had existing cabins. Give or take it has been about 20 years, within that 20 years, with all the building and renovations that have taken place it has become like this. The Golden Generation Foundation is in charge for these activities. All rent payments were made. I have not lived here without making sure to pay every month. I also feel the need to say that I also pay for the entire buildings’ rent, because people come to see or visit me and they are my guests. Whatever is left I donate the rest of the funds to educational services. Whatever isn’t sent to me and what has accumulated overtime, I ask for those royalties to be donated to those who need it most. While entering the presence of God I would not like to leave any money whether it be 5 or 10 cents.” (Mehmet Gündem’s interview, published in Milliyet, January 22, 2005).

“After years of researching and investigating, the authorities of the [Turkish] State Security Court said: ‘We found Fethullah Hodja broke!’ I always said and asked God ‘My Lord, do not give my brothers, sisters, and relatives worldly wealth,’ with the intention of avoiding false assumptions. Hence why throughout my lifetime I am and will be content with just enough so I can stay alive.” (Bamteli, June 27, 2011. 24:20 min).

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